Life is very unpredictable and no one can anticipate the medical emergencies in it. Irrespective of the age, gender we must prepare to face it. Health insurances are great ways to tackle out the financial needs in such medical emergencies.

With the onset of COVID-19, health insurances are the rage and people are confused regarding their health policies. 

What is covered and what isn’t?

If you suffer from symptoms of coronavirus, rest assured every health policy is bound by the Indian law to cover it.

There are umpteen numbers of insurance companies and plans in the field. But the most robust plans from the Apollo Munich health insurance for individuals are uncovered here.

Here are the 5 top health benefits from Apollo Munich

1. Optima Restore Individual

From the launching in 2012 onwards, this plan continues to be the best of its category as it will bring back the Sum Insured when someone wants it the most. This always attracts individuals with three major benefits.

  • Restore

Here, in the case of full or partial withdrawal, the benefit add back the full amount to the plan. The policyholder can avail this offer once in a year and can’t carry forward to the coming periods claiming the maximum amount.

  • Multiplier benefit

If the policyholders are not claiming the amount for 2 consecutive years, they will get a 100% increase in investment.

  • Stay active benefit

This benefit is for those who lead an active lifestyle and they can enjoy many discounts during the policy period.

2. Health Wallet Individual

This plan offers an exclusive reserve benefit option and one can use it for any non-payable thing below the health claim or renew the premium.

One can verify the increase in this amount every year and if kept untouched, the amount will get carried over to the next year with a bonus. Individuals below the age of 50 can opt for a change of plan without further status verification.

3. Easy Health Exclusive

This plan is best for unforeseen circumstances. For an unexpected inpatient hospitalization under illness or misfortune, this benefit will be helpful.

As per the plan, a holder will get all the coverage on the individual sum basis and special coverage for any listed grave illness.

At every fourth renewal, it offers maternity benefits and free check-ups.

4. Maxima Health

For individuals who are more prone to frequent small health problems, this plan will be the best. The inimitable outpatient benefits of this plan will help to manage such situations. Anyone who is less than 65 can avail this plan for one year.

They are offering individual and family covering separately.

5. Optima Vital

This policy from Apollo Munich health insurance assures a lump sum amount in the case of identified critical illness or surgeries. From the age of 18 to 65, anyone can make an entry.

As per this plan, one can avail the expert second opinion from a doctor in their panel. And as per the wish of the policyholder, one can shift their policies from other companies to this plan.


The Apollo Munich health insurance plans will cover the medical emergency of the policyholder with great features. One can avail the family coverage or individual one as per the requirement.

Making the best choices among the versatile plans will always pay you back positively.