Max Life Insurance provides comprehensive protection, long-term savings, and retirement solutions to insurance seekers.

These policies are designed to meet the diverse needs of insurance buyers.

Insurance buyers have the option to choose from a wide range of plans, including protection, retirement, savings, and child. Depending on their needs and suitability.

The company has grown in the country over the past 15 years and has a strong reputation on the market.

Max Life’s operations have been built over nearly two decades by a need-based sales process and a customer-centric approach.


Minimum Entry Age – 18 Years

Maximum age – 60

Maturity age – 85 Years

Assured Sum – 25 Lakhs up to 100 Crores


The company has a 99.35% claim settlement rate and constantly strives to find a way to make life insurance more affordable, simple, and appropriate for all customers.

Here are the top reasons Max Life Insurance is a good choice.

Empathy The company values its customers more than numbers. The company provides a single-stop solution to all insurance requirements by adopting a customer-centric approach.

Transparency With a claim settlement rate of 99.35% the company provides transparency to insurance buyers. All details related to policies can be viewed online by insurance buyers. Max Life policies provide reliability for customers with a solvency rate of 242% (Source: Public Disclosure FY 2018-2019).

Accountability The company values trust and provides excellent customer service, 24X7. If the claim is made by the nominee, the company will take responsibility for the policies and provide a simple claim settlement process.


Insurance holders have many benefits from the company. Let’s have a look:

The company offers comprehensive policies that can be tailored to meet the needs of all insurance buyers.

Insurance buyers have the option to purchase a comprehensive plan with a low premium.

The policies offer insurance coverage, but also tax exemption

Online purchasing of insurance is easy and convenient.

The company offers plans that help to ensure the financial security of the insured’s family.

Max Life Insurance policies provide financial security for the insured and protect them from any eventuality.

Max Life Types of Insurance Plans

There are various insurance plans related to Max Life. Let’s take a look at them.

Max Life Online Term Plan Basic Life Insurance

This is a pure term plan. You can choose to pay a regular premium. The plan provides financial protection for the loved ones in the event of the death or sudden disability of the policyholder.

Max Life Online Term Plans Life Cover + Monthly Income

The policyholder and their loved ones are protected financially in the event of sudden death. You can use the death benefit amount to cover major liabilities such as buying a car, paying for a child’s education, or marrying.

It also provides a monthly payout which can be used for daily expenses such as groceries and school fees. It ensures that the family can live a comfortable life.

Max Life Online Term Plans + Increasing Monthly Income

This plan provides a lump sum death benefit in the event of an insured’s sudden death. It also provides a monthly payment for the next ten years. You can use the monthly payout to pay for school fees, groceries, and other expenses.

The plan is affordable even after inflation. It ensures that the family can live a comfortable lifestyle.

Max Life Super Term Plan

This plan allows for life insurance to increase at a rate of 5% per annum. It doesn’t change the premium rates.

The plan assists the insured family to cope with rising inflation rates.

Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan

This plan protects the family’s financial future from various uncertainties. It offers the possibility of a return of premium payments at the end of the policy term if the policyholder is not able to continue the policy.

Max Life Fast Track Super plan

This plan allows the policyholder to invest in multiple funds and receive good returns.

Max Life Platinum Wealth Plan

This plan allows the policyholder to increase his/her wealth via market-linked returns. This plan provides additional wealth boosters that can be used to achieve the goal of wealth creation.

Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan

This plan allows the policyholder to save money for retirement. The policyholder has access to annuity benefits that protect his/her family from unforeseeable events.

Max Life Insurance Plans Available for Senior Citizens in India

Senior citizens can get financial protection against any eventuality with the Max life insurance plan. These plans allow you to select the policy coverage and duration online.

Max Life Whole Life Super

This is a savings strategy for max life insurance. This helps you to build a long-term financial cushion. This plan provides guaranteed protection for the insured up to the age of 100 as a whole-life protection plan. A bonus facility is also available depending on the needs.

The plan offers additional benefits for riders, including a limited premium payment option. To increase the coverage, riders can be purchased.

Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan

This savings plan provides life protection and guaranteed monthly income for 10 years. The monthly income for the last five years is doubled. After the policy period ends, the plan offers a terminal bonus.

Max Life Gain Premier

This plan is a traditional, participating endowment. This plan allows you to build a financial cushion by saving regularly. Flexible bonus options are available under the plan. The insured can increase the coverage of the policy by adding rider benefits to suit his/her needs.

Max Life Monthly Income Benefit Plan

This policy provides limited premium payments and life coverage for a maximum of 25 years. The plan will provide a guaranteed monthly income for ten years after the end of the premium payment tenure. The plan also includes a rider benefit and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Max Life Assured Wealth plan

This plan is non-participating and non-linked. This plan provides a guaranteed return of investment that will help you reach your savings goals. This plan allows you to build a corpus through systematic savings.

You can compare Max Life insurance plans to find the best insurance plan for you.

Max Life POS Guaranteed Benefit Plan

A simple understanding of the plan allows you to save money and earn income. It offers financial security and guaranteed benefits. This plan provides guaranteed death and maturity benefits. This policy’s premium payment term is short and fixed. It helps you to quickly build the amount that you want. It is simple to understand and easy to buy.

Max Life Future Genius Education Plan

This plan is non-linked and participates in life insurance. This plan is designed to pay for the financial needs of the child. With disciplined savings, the plan benefits can be used to cover higher education costs.

The policyholder has the option to choose the tenure of the policy and the premium payment tenure, depending on their child’s education needs.

Max Life Shiksha Plus Super Plan

This ULIP plan provides greater protection for the child insured. This plan allows the policyholder to secure funds for the future of their child so they can reach the most important milestones in their/her lives.

Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan

This plan is an immediate, non-participating annuity that provides a steady stream of income for those who have retired.

Max Life Perfect Partner

This policy is a traditional money-back policy that is specifically designed to cover the expenses of the individual after retirement. After retirement, the plan provides guaranteed annual money backs. It also provides life insurance to the family members of the insured.