Amazingly, Aviva can trace its history back to London in 1696. That’s 320 years ago. After three centuries in business, Aviva has experienced many changes, growth, and expansion into new markets both domestically and abroad. Aviva is today the UK’s leading general insurer, as well as a major pension and life insurance provider.

Aviva offers a range of products, including car insurance and breakdown coverage as well as travel insurance and life insurance. You’re likely to have had an Aviva policy at one time. They are a major player in the market, with 15.5 million customers in the UK alone and many others internationally.

Aviva Life Insurance Features

All of these will be covered by Aviva’s Healthier Solutions, provided there are no exclusions due to pre-existing conditions.

  • Diagnostic tests for inpatients and outpatients include MRI scans and ECGs.
  • Hospital and specialist charges for day-patient and inpatient diagnostic tests
  • Access to excellent private facilities quickly and easily.
  • Aftercare and treatment for cancer.
  • Referred by a GP, treatments, and therapies like physiotherapy, osteopaths or chiropractors, and acupuncture.
  • Opto- and dental cover.
  • As an inpatient or as a day patient, mental health treatment.
  • The specialist referred physio and outpatient mental health support
  • Access to a stress counseling helpline available 24 hours a day for members over 16 years old
  • Digital GP App with up to five video consultations per year.
  • Discounts on gym memberships and lifestyle products
  • Support for mental health
  • NHS cash benefit of PS100 per night, up to a maximum of 30 nights
  • Anytime Ambulance Service
  • Private Home Nursing Service
  • Pregnancy and childbirth coverage

Aviva Life Insurance Coverage for Cancer

Aviva’s cancer promise promises that they will support you with their dedicated team of oncologists every step of your journey. You will receive top-quality inpatient and outpatient care and high-quality aftercare.

Aviva pledges that they will cover all the treatment and palliative care required for cancer, as recommended by your consultant.

After your cancer treatment, they want your thighs to feel as normal as possible. They offer excellent aftercare including consultations with dietitians and a contribution towards prostheses and wigs.

Aviva’s Healthier Solutions: What types of cancer treatments are covered?

Here’s a summary of Aviva’s coverage for cancer. Click to view their full policy terms and conditions.

  • Outpatient care and consultations- Comprehensive outpatient coverage with diagnostic tests and consultations, along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and targeted therapy.
  • Bisphosphonates for bone strengthening- Aviva will cover the cost of drugs that strengthen bones after treatment.
  • Preventive cancer treatment- Aviva will cover the mastectomy for a healthy breast in cases where there has been cancer.
  • Prostheses- Aviva will cover the cost of an external prosthesis after cancer surgery.
  • Stem cells and bone marrow transplants, including storage and implantation.
  • Aviva has a strong focus on cancer care. This is evident in its high level of coverage.

What isn’t covered by this plan?

Aviva’s flagship product has some standard exclusions, as with all insurance policies. Important to remember that what is and is not covered will depend on your particular circumstances. So, treat this information as general information.

Important exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Chronic or long-term conditions are those for which there is no cure.
  • Anything that relates to drug abuse or alcohol.
  • The specialist can treat you without the need for a referral from your GP.
  • Kidney dialysis.
  • Cosmetic treatment.
  • Sports-related treatments
  • Experimental treatments.
  • Self-inflicted Injury